You Win Some. You Learn Some.


Sysomos Inc. is a social media analytics company. 
Designed to analyze digital conversations, Sysomos
products help identify key influencers and concurrent
themes to create a real-time picture of conversations between people, products and brands.
Before / After

In 2010, Marketwire, a press release distribution company acquired Sysomos. And while Marketwire rebranded itself as Marketwired, Sysomos as a brand didn’t really cease to exist. With all marketing efforts geared towards promoting the new (co-branded) Marketwired, the erstwhile Sysomos brand slowly but steadily lost its edge.

As the agency of record, Wasabi Rabbit was approached to refresh the Sysomos brand. The goal of this initiative was to infuse new energy and passion into the Sysomos brand, transforming it from a mere product and everyday business tool into a vision that would ultimately transform the way that business is conducted.

 Old Sysomos Look (Pre Acquisition) and Our Starting Reference
Logo Analysis
Logo Evolution
Logo Construction & Underlying Grid
Sysomos New Look 
Supporting Visual Graphics & Style
Early on in the project, contrary to the general consensus, I felt strongly about the brand’s existing equity. And where everyone seemed to discard the old logo, I saw potential. I believed we could and should leverage the brand’s equity. And we didn’t need to discard the logo but rather update it to reflect the new Sysomos outlook. Bold. Confident. And every bit Sysomos.

Armin’s review of the Dow Jones rebrand had left a strong impression on me. And I was awed by how the Studio Newwork team amazingly turned the weakest element of the old identity into the strongest element in the new one. And I could see a similar opportunity here. I could now see beyond shapes and colors. And re-discover meaning and individuality. The sysomos ‘y’ with an extended descender had a peculiar visual distinction. The generic speech bubble was more than a clipart with a symbolism that was rooted in conversations. The name too had a nice auditory feel. It was clear I was designing a word mark.

As I progressed through crafting each character, opening the counters, simplifying the strokes, I realized, the word mark would not cut it on its own. I wanted to maintain the original type weight to retain the feel. And I knew adding graphic forms would take away from the simplicity of the word mark. I truly believed in the design direction and did not give up. And just like the Dow Jones identity, the genius of the new logo ultimately came from the weakest element of the old one; the speech bubble. I re-crafted the speech bubble converting it to a holding shape. The extended y snapped perfectly and aligned to pointer of the new, bold and confident symbol for conversation.

So Why Orange?
Competitive Landscape | Brand Colors
Revived Brand Concept
You win some. You learn Some.
The project never got released. So why do I still consider this project worthy enough? Cause I didn’t win, but I learnt. I saw what others didn’t. I backed my instincts and was pretty happy with the results. 

Looking back, I honestly feel, Sysomos never really needed a new logo. What Sysomos really needed was to renew its offering, revive its products and make it relevant, updating more than just the look of it. Branding and especially rebranding is only needed when we have a strong reason for it. One that indicates a strategic change. One that solves a business problem.

And as much as I love what I do,  I hate to see re-branding that is merely a cosmetic update. It reminds me of a matchstic blogpost, where they articulated the problem really well.  Here is the gist: Three things to consider before rebranding. 1. What is the business problem to be solved 2. Measure the equity that is established in an identity.  3. Understand what your customer really wants.